the rabbit hole organic tea bar

For the tea enthusiasts Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar is a day dream come true. Walk through Redfern past the station, down Eveleigh Street and make a pit stop at the black brick walls before you reach your destination. Enter the tea house sustainably designed by Matt Woods, and wonder through an industrial aesthetic with brick walls half exposed, half white washed; sleek wood furniture, and a slight monochrome touch seen through the tiles and finishes, with seeping splashes of yellow and gold throughout. A perfect place to stay warm on a cold day, or keep cool on a bright one. 

A fan of things you can manipulate and transform, I'm wearing a versatile Seed dress that is wearable baby doll style, off the shoulder and possibly across the chest. I helped give myself some shape by tightening on an oversized square 70s inspired belt by Ecote via Urban Oufitters, my mum's old crochet bag and Ray-Ban rounded gold sunnies

The tea, food, and coffee (why not have both!) was clean, organic and refreshing. The White Delight was a fresh and fruity, light white tea smashed with raspberries, cacao nibs and coconut. A green tea fanatic I enthusiastically ordered the matcha latte, vibrant and bittersweet like the menu promises, so I added a little sugar to sweeten it up. The chicken salad stocked full of protein was a healthy hit alongside the tuna nicoise salad full of crunchy goodness and flavoured by a few salty sardines.  

Vibes: fresh and bright
Wait: zero (Public Holiday Tuesday)
Portion/Taste: organic, light and healthy (we ordered salads)
Design: see above



This was a day it was 30 something degrees and I chose to wear pants. Life's a changing. Not only are they a light-linen dream to wear, they make a difference in the world. For each item sold by Faircloth Supply, one school uniform is donated to a girl in Nepal. The girls receiving these uniforms are enabled to attend school and achieve the education they rightfully deserve. Empowering young women and quality education, alongside pretty bloomer pants, is what I'm passionate about. 


hidden spot: mermaids pools

With a mystical name such as this..., there's no surprise that Mermaids Pools is one of Sydney's hidden, magical gems. Drive to Rockford Road in Tahmoor, turn into Charles or Charlie's Point Rd...named on another map, and then turn right straight away for a car spot on the dirt road (passing a sign that prohibits illegal dumping). The bush walk takes approximately 45 minutes, but felt a lot less with the Maltida Track splitting and then meeting again. A pretty easy walk I managed in Birkenstocks and a white dress, not knowing initially where my day would take me! Of course runners would be a better fit. 

Once you reach the See Through Pools do not mistake this for the Mermaids Pools, as we did, thanks super friendly but mistaken walkers :)! To officially make it in into the Mermaids Pools you need to walk further down the track and jump 10 metres off the cliff beside the beautiful, cascading waterfall. To get back up after the jump you'll have to rock climb using a secured rope beside the rushing water. You can also continue walking further down to Tahmoor Gorge once back on land. This was pretty scary for me, actually... almost petrifying as I'm afraid of heights, but definitely an amazing challenge that you can achieve! As I reflected at the end of last year, do something everyday that scares you, little or large!

For more info and map from - Wollondilly Shire Council